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The Facebook #Hashtagocalypse

#Facebook finally rolled out the much rumored #HashTags a few days ago. Should you decide to click on the tiny demon, a list will pop up directing you to all the posts from your friends and “liked” pages that also use that particular hashtag. And while yet to be officially included, it’s only logical that advertisers and sponsored hashtags will soon follow.

The HashTags, initally a fun little tool started by twitter, employed by advertisers around the world to promote trends has permeated our language to the extent that whether or not it has any function is a moot point. It’s as a stylistic crutch for when crafting coherent English seems like a bit too much work. Because even before Facebook allowed this, people were using it as impotent additions to their status updates.

Facebook hashtags may flop and even with a little traction, Twitter will likely remain the king of real-time conversation. But today’s news could reduce the unique value-add of Twitter. It’s part of Facebook’s on-going “good enough” strategy to box out competitors. Someone else might do it better, but Facebook does it at scale on a network people don’t have to start on anew.