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What’s new in WordPress 3.6 Beta

We were extremely excited about the new WordPress beta release. So, to try it out, we installed it on our blog. And we love it.  Here’s a list of awesome features it has

1. First of all, the amazingly colorful default Twenty Thirteen theme. Its got a wonderful header image. As you can see above, Its awesome!

2. The Add New Post screen user Interface is really cool. Now, there’s option to add Image, Video, Audio,etc. Here’s a screenshot.

3. The Navigation Menus also received a facelift. Theres a separate tabs for assigning menus to locations and the Edit Menus screen is simplified with a accordion-based UI.


There are many other very good features. WordPress has done it again. It has shown its true awesomeness.

Remember, WordPress 3.6 is still in Beta. The features will be more or less similar in the final release, but could still have changes.

If you love and work with WordPress I would advise testing version 3.6 beta and reporting bugs. More details here.