Chrome to Phone – Now continue reading on the Go!

Here’s a quick video of the new application we developed. Chrome to Phone.  Check it out!

Chrome to Phone is a app and an Google chrome Extension that pushes links from your Browser to your Phone.

When the extension icon is clicked on the Browser, the link is pushed as a notification to the phone. When the notification is clicked on the phone, the link is opened in the default browser of the phone.

You can Chrome Extension  and the Android app here.


Make Excuses Like a Pro

Check out Our app ExcusePro

Make Excuses like a Pro

Make Excuses like a Pro

We all love making excuses, so, here is an android application which will help you to get out of trouble next time when you are late at work, late for college lectures, caught cheating on your girlfriend/boyfriend, etc (Beware! They might push you into trouble too). Just go ahead and download our free application and start having fun making Excuses.

And hey! You can also submit your own excuse! Just go to this google form :

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The Next Android is going to be called Kit Kat

Apparently, the next major release of Android is going to be called Kit Kat.  Google’s android boss, Sundar Pichai just tweeted the image below with the message “We now have over 1 Billion Android activations and hope this guy in front of the building keeps that momentum going”


The major releases of android usually get Dessert names, and they’ve been progressing in an alphabetical order. Most of us had guessed that the next version starting with “K” would be Key Lime Pie. But as it turns out, its not a dessert! Its Kit Kat. Although, the name isn’t confirmed, I guess its safe for us to guess, looking at the giant Android make of Kit Kat that the new version will be Kit Kat.



Here comes HP’S SLATE 21 All-in-One Desktop PC Running on Android.


Is it a Tab? Is it a Desktop Machine?
Its HP’s Slate 21 All-In-One PC Running on Android.
HP Recently Launched its new 21.5 Inch computer running on Android Jellybean 4.2.2.
Slate 21 seems to be giving a tough competetion to Old Timers like Lenovo, Asus, Acer, with a price tag of $400, who already have their leg into the boat.
Here are some Jaw-Droping, Goose-Bumping, earth-shaking (I exaggerated a little bit over there) features of Slate 21:

1) Quad-core nVidia Tegra 4 platform (Take that Acer.).
2) 21.5 Inch screen (Hell yeah, now we can play temple run on it. Love you HP.)
3) Android 4.2.2, supports multiple users-up to 5 (Here we go fella’s).
4) 3 USB 2.0 ports (Hmm. 3.0 Would have been better, but who cares?)

The Samsung Ativ Q comes with Android and Windows 8 Dual Boot

And the products keep coming. The latest announcement is from Samsung about its new product in the ATIV range and its a hybrid in more ways than one.



Its called the ATIV Q and it combines Android 4.2 and Windows 8. Under the hood, the device is powered by a Haswell-series Intel Core i5 processor and manages to fit a 13.3-inch, 3200 x 1800 touchscreen into a 1.29kg package that measures just 13.9mm thick. Other notable specs include an S Pen with 1,024 degrees of sensitivity. There’s space for the stylus to be stored in the bottom corner of the device. Hardware considerations have also been folded into the design, with the processor housed inside the ATIV Q’s hinge. Samsung says that this ensures that heat dissipates from the back of the device.

The Q will let users hop into an unfettered, stock version of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean without having to reboot their device. Users can also effectively transfer data between the two OSes — Samsung Europe marketing chief Patrick Povel noted that people could pin Android apps to the Windows 8 start screen. A tacit nod to the lack of Windows 8 apps, perhaps?

Become an “Effective” Programmer.

As a software engineer, you might want any number of things out of your job – a steady paycheck, the opportunity to work on interesting projects, a springboard to the next better job, or maybe you just like hanging out with other programmers. But by “effective”, I mean the ability to complete projects in a timely manner with the expected quality.


To become an effective programmer you need to have following things -

1. Understand The “Requirements” - The first step in becoming an effective programmer is to ensure that you are spending your time wisely. And there is no greater waste of time than in working on something that is not useful or never shipped.

2. Build Early - Get a demonstrable system working as early as possible. This means establishing the interface first, whether it’s an API or user interface, and stubbing the encapsulated functionality as necessary. This allows your “customers” to check it out, by exercising the user interface or writing code to the API, and any inconsistencies or omissions in the initial spec can be detected early.

3. Deliver Often - Once you have something working, don’t just leave it as a “proof of concept”. Let people play with it, see their reactions, and let this guide and prioritize your development. In particular get the software into the hands of the QA staff as soon as possible and feed them regular builds, preferably at scheduled intervals. This will help them feel involved in the full life-cycle of the project. The highest priority should be given to issues that prevent them from using the product, e.g. crashes or dead-end paths – you want them to cover as much as possible as soon as possible and get a feel for the whole product so design issues can be identified early.

4. Keep It Real - Keep your software running in as close to a shipping state as possible. You never know when you’ll have to demo the system, send out an evaluation copy, or even deliver (“OK, time to wrap things up!”)

5. Understand Your Code - Life is full of wonderful mysteries, but your code is not the place for them. You don’t have to know how your car works – if the engine starts making strange noises, you drop it off the mechanic. When it comes to your code, if you don’t understand how it works, or doesn’t work, no one will.

6. Optimal Programming – Try to write code as optimized as possible both in speed of execution & lines of code. Try to make your code as reusable as possible.

7. Plan Your Progress – You wouldn’t just hop into your car before deciding where you want to go, right? And probably you have a route in mind before you start driving, too. Similarly, before you sit down at our computer, you should know what you want to accomplish that day and have some idea how.

Apple back at it again with the new Mac Pro

Apple new Mac Pro design is a drastic  change from the previous versions. It is a design that has to be seen to be believed.  Its black aluminum cylinder and houses not one but two workstation graphics cards along with PCI Express flash storage, Thunderbolt 2, Xeon processors and 4k video output for up to three monitors at 4K resolution.

Apple Mac Pro

Apple Mac Pro

The most impressive part of the Mac Pro might be how much Apple’s engineers managed to cram into such a small package. There are not one, not two, but six Thunderbolt 2 outputs, which adds tons of external expandability, as well as two FireWire 800 ports, audio in and out, HDMI and Ethernet.

Do check out the other features on Apple’s website here.

The Facebook #Hashtagocalypse

#Facebook finally rolled out the much rumored #HashTags a few days ago. Should you decide to click on the tiny demon, a list will pop up directing you to all the posts from your friends and “liked” pages that also use that particular hashtag. And while yet to be officially included, it’s only logical that advertisers and sponsored hashtags will soon follow.

The HashTags, initally a fun little tool started by twitter, employed by advertisers around the world to promote trends has permeated our language to the extent that whether or not it has any function is a moot point. It’s as a stylistic crutch for when crafting coherent English seems like a bit too much work. Because even before Facebook allowed this, people were using it as impotent additions to their status updates.

Facebook hashtags may flop and even with a little traction, Twitter will likely remain the king of real-time conversation. But today’s news could reduce the unique value-add of Twitter. It’s part of Facebook’s on-going “good enough” strategy to box out competitors. Someone else might do it better, but Facebook does it at scale on a network people don’t have to start on anew.

The new iOS7 UI similar to Any.DO app?

The new iOS7 design looks slightly similar to the popular a to-do list app Any.DO .

Apparently, it has been pointed out by critics that the iOS7 design has lots of similarities with its rival operating systems and even mobile applications.

iOS & Any.DO

“There is always inspiration in the air that people are taking and putting back into their own apps,” said Pierre Valade, co-founder of Sunrise, a popular calendar app whose layout appeared to influence updates to Apple’s calendar app.

Omer Perchik, co-founder of Any.DO,  said he was actually “humbled” by the similarities. In fact, he believes the overlap will help his apps in the future because they already “look and feel like native applications” for the new operating system, without requiring a redesign.

The fact that they copied various apps isn’t actually a bad thing. After all taking inspiration from other designs is fair.  Everybody copies from others :P

The iOS7 UI Bashing

Since the release of the iOS7, everybody seems to be bashing the Flat UI. I came across this one tumblr which mocks the new design by mocking the creator “Johnny Ive”.

Although the Icons aren’t very good, I personally liked the new User Interface. I agree the traditional iOS look/feel is lost, but the new UI is pretty good. Take a look at the new design and the features of the all new iOS7 here.


Apple iOS7A few new features, like Control Center, the Notification Center, The Multi-task, etc, though a direct copy from android, are really useful and good. It basically improves the entire user experience.

I really liked the new design. Let me know what you feel in the comments. :)